Terms & Conditions

1. Only members would be primary beneficiary of any of our product and services.

2. Members can chose to be Member- Investors or Member Agent/Merchant
3. Any person who must be a member shall attained the age of 16 years and above.
4. The application for membership of the society shall be submitted by the applicant at any of the branches of the society, in the prescribed form and KYC documents such as:National means of ID,Proof of Address (Electricity/Water Bill, Compulsory)Rent Agreement (In case of tenant . Electricity/Water bill of Landlord compulsory),Latest passport size Photos (2)

Loan Scheme:
5. Members can take loan amount up to two times (OR MORE) the value of their total savings subject to terms and conditions.

6. The repayment is made on daily bases .

7. To access any loan member must have been registered with the Cooperative and making regular contributions for at least three to six months. The minimum share capital must have been fully paid.

8. Personal and business loans help members to save money and repay the loan over a reasonable period of time at a fair and fixed rate of interest.

9. Loans are insured at a specified cost to the eligible member.

10. Insurance protection fee is compulsory for investors and agent/merchant.

11. Every transaction has a service charges.

12. Repayments calculated on the reducing balance of the loan.

NB: A Non-refundable Registration fee of N2, 000 is charged all members irrespective of the category.

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