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Our enterprise suite of payments and collections solution that has been specifically built to address challenges usually experienced by large corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), religious and educational institutions and other business entities in processing payments and collections. We seek to play a critical role in the transformation and extension of financial operations to achieve large-scale world-class levels.

Even though you have accounts with multiple banks, with our payment solution, you do not need any websites or banks to perform your transactions. All you need is your ATM Card. It can interface and interacts with your different banks in Nigeria. For instance, you can instantly collect/pay your clients/customers without necessarily waiting till the next business day. We believe that time is money through the following value added activities;

Institutional Payment Solutions.

  1. It offers the school the privilege to view transaction details real time thereby eliminating reconciliation difficulties.
  2. The school does not have to issue any other receipt for payment as this would have been done at the transaction point thereby saving the school extra cost and workload
  3. Facilitates audit trail/reporting as it allows for the generation of varying reports to suit the institution’s needs.
  4. It is user friendly, as such can be operated by any averagely computer literate individual.
  5. Once transaction is concluded, the customer gets confirmation of payment via e-mail and/or sms, which can also be printed.
  6. School’s bank account are instantly updated with details about the customer and payment information.