Multi-Purpose Coop Packages

daily savings POS TERMINAL

As part of our effort to address challenges faced in the area of poverty eradication, unemployment, incivility and crime. We introduce a grass root programme called SCEL-NETWORK MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES LIMITED. This package is aim at empowering all that are involve in The Multipurpose coop Packages.

Professional Money Lending Scheme (PMLS):.This package is a credit facilities mainly for those who are capable of paying back any credit and have met the basic terms and conditions of the cooperative.

Daily Savings Enterprise Scheme (DSES): This aspect comprises of individual from all works of life who are into the act have saving for the raining days (not necessary businessmen).

Salary Earners Scheme (SES): These are category of people who are earning salaries on monthly bases and by implication desire to have a collection center close to their communities.