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GEEP( Government Enterprise Empowerment Program) of the FGN. It a program meant to SUPPORT YOUNG ARTISANS & SMALL SCALE BUSINESS OWNERS TO BENEFIT FROM MICRO-CREDIT.

Its a interest-free micro-credit support in collaboration with the Bank of Industry.

Interested artisans and small-scale business owners needing the micro-credit support are advised to contact their local government secretariats immediately to obtain the application forms. While the registration is totally free of charge, women are encouraged to apply for the micro-credit support to boost their income.

Criteria for the registration include artisans and small business owners with identifiable business premises, available BVN, active personal bank account.

Each eligible beneficiary can access up to Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand (N250,000) to expand their existing enterprises, but starting with initial disbursement of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000). The interest-free credit is repayable on weekly basis and within a maximum period of six (6) months.

ALL types of business are supported with the credit, including but not limited to petty traders, barbers, hairdressers, henna designers, laundry operators, tailors, okada riders, keke riders, vulcanizers, shoe makers, plumbers, carpenters, hunters, fishermen, petty miners, mama put restaurants, cold shops, meat/suya sellers, spice processors, craftsmen, peasant farmers, blacksmith, beverage makers, chips processors, food vendors, kuli-kuli producers, awara & akara fryers, book binders, cap knitters, photographers, welders, mechanics, tilers, painters, GSM phone repairers. Virtually all types of business operators are eligible to access the loan.