Our enterprise suite of payments and collections solution that has been specifically built to address challenges usually experienced by large corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), religious and educational institutions and other business entities in processing payments and collections. We seek to play a critical role in the transformation and extension of financial operations to achieve large-scale world-class levels.

SCELNETWORK is a flagship product of Sophia Company Enterprises Limited. An organization championing the course of the cashless policy by CBN of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We render Mobile Financial Services, Financial Linkages and Financial Intermediation with a view to bring banking services close to the populace. We have range of services designed to address the business challenges that face SME, Business Organizations and Institutions. We use mobile payment solutions to drive our business objectives.

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The consumers do not have ready access to banking and other financial services. Therefore this is to enables the consumers through our network centers be able to Transfers Money or Make bill payments and get cash with their ATM cards.

Even though you have accounts with multiple banks, with our payment solution, you do not need any websites or banks to perform your transactions. All you need is your ATM Card. It can interface and interacts with your different banks in Nigeria. For instance, you can instantly collect/pay your clients/customers without necessarily waiting till the next business day. We believe that time is money

GEEP Loan Nigeria

GEEP( Government Enterprise Empowerment Program) of the FGN. It a program meant to SUPPORT YOUNG ARTISANS & SMALL SCALE BUSINESS OWNERS TO BENEFIT FROM MICRO-CREDIT.


As part of our effort to address challenges faced in the area of poverty eradication, unemployment, incivility and crime. We introduce a grass root programme called SCEL-NETWORK MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES LIMITED. This package is aim at empowering all that are involve in The Multipurpose coop Packages.


Sophia Company Enterprises Limited widely known as ScelNetwork is a Limited liability and Multi-purpose Co-operative society. It has the mission to provide an absolute export and import trade with the aim of fostering a better product and services. The enormous abundance of resources & opportunities that exist between Europe, Poland German, UK, USA, Asia and West African Countries in area of raw/organic, processed agro-allied products such as food/agricultural raw material and so on is our interest.

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